Making the Switch

Chilling in camp as night falls.

We had our first night of camping for this year, and have so far not started on the lean-to, but have now confirmed our plans. The construction should proceed as planned and only time will tell if COVID-19 is going to affect it.

We have decided to move fully into hammocks for the rest of our camping, to begin with this we had to pick out Shawna a real hammock, and decided to get an ENO Doublenest hammock, as I had one already, and it has a sweet design that can help us tell them apart.

What the other benefits of buying the same hammock, is that we can use the same gear. Our next investments were some cheap rain-flys (they are big), pillows, and new suspension as my last set had worn to much to be used safely. For straps, I personally recommend the ENO Atlas Straps, as I feel more confident with the 2 year warranty.

Another big thing we don't often see mentioned is how important your water is, always bring water! Don't forget your trust Nalgene bottle.

Here is the gear we highlighted

#EquipmentLink to Amazon
1ENO Doublenest Hammock
1Rain fly
1 setAtlas Straps
Items we used.

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