Initial thoughts on setup

We made a quick run to our favorite spot for the day to setup our full hammock setups, and to dry test our rainfly and figure out any of the shortcomings of our system. We haven't fully tested them yet, and will upload more photos this week when we really test them.

Initial shortcomings of our setup right now is the lack of any real insulation underneath. For our normally summer camping this is fine, using a blanket is plenty. But for cooler nights we have been looking at Ripstop By the Roll's underquilt kit, or ordering one on amazon, but we haven't decided yet.

For our rainflies, though it came with guy lines and stakes, we still needed to supply our own ridgeline, which 550 cord (paracord) worked well, and we had some in Shawna's pack already.

Shawna fully setup her new ENO Doublenest hammock, and then curled into it for shelter from the unrelenting force of not relaxing. Her thoughts on it now that she's back:

Practical, I thought [the Doublenest] was really easy to open up, it just pops right out of the bag, the design I chose was super dope, and the hammock itself felt stable and all around cozy.


So all in all, great impressions and it gains the wife approval. As for mine, I've now had it for 3 years and the wear is finally beginning to show. From hanging in lean-tos and pavilions, inside of buildings between sketchy bunks, and randomly in the woods after getting my car stuck I have one tiny hole to show for it, and it's in the stuff sack. I'm extremely happy with the longevity of it and for the amount of abuse I've shown the ENO Doublenest, it certainly holds up well.

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