This is our website, Jake and Shawna Johnson's little place on the web. We need not for you to tell us what to post but we like feedback. For information about us mining monero, scroll down.

About us

In alphabetical order,

Jake is a System Administration Student at CCC, in his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife, petting the cats he lives with, and goofing around on computers, he prefers UNIX over Windows and skis on 186cm twin tips (Jskis Metal)

Shawna is a Drug Dependency Student at CCC, in her free time she enjoys spending time with her cats, petting the husband she lives with, scrolling through social media and goofing around in the stuff her husband sets up on computers. She uses MacOS and skis on 157cm twin tips (Jskis Allplay)

Ski with us

We ski as much as we can, so join us there on the weekends, shoot us an email and ask when we are hitting the slopes.

Camp with us

We also try to camp every night we can, find us on the FLT.


How we pay for this site.

Instead of showing you ugly ads to pay for the electricity this website consumes, we instead ask to use your CPU to mine monero, a virtual cryptocurrency. This is not bad, it is not malware, and it is not stealing and selling your information, and you won't even notice it.

We also are affiliated with Amazon, however we will disclose in any post paid or pseudo-paid (free stuff) reviews, but will never dishonestly review a product.

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